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Note: Plantation Pleasure 2-Gait & Champ Added; Change of Judge

STB 3-Gait Equitation Added 10/2/14

Points audited October 3, 2014



Annual Scholarship

MHA Scholarship Application

    The Maine Horse Association encourages excellence in its youth members by providing a yearly scholarship to an outstanding young man or woman who will be, or is currently, enrolled in a post secondary educational program. The applicant must be a Maine resident who is currently a member in good standing with the MHA.

    This scholarship will be awarded annually to a high school senior or college student who plans to continue their education in college, technical or trade school, or an apprenticeship.  NOTE: It does not have to be an equine-related career! The scholarship will be paid directly to the applicant after receiving a written request, along with proof of acceptance and completion of their first semester. Scholarship must be paid to student within two years after it is awarded.

    Selection will be based on applicant’s ability and aptitude for serious study, community service, leadership, and achievements. Previous winners are ineligible to participate a second time, but applicants who did not win are definitely encouraged to reapply!

Please fill out the MHA Scholarship Application with all the necessary information and references, and send it in along with a copy of your most recent transcript from high school and/or school in attendance.

To apply for a 2014 Scholarship

Send info by September 30th to:

                                                                        MHA Scholarship                                                                                                MHA Scholarship

                               c/o , Regan Grant, MHA Scholarship Co-Chair                             c/o Jennifer Clough, MHA Scholarship Co-Chair
                                                           6 Wilson St.                                                                                 53 Maple Lane
                                                      Sanford, ME 04073                                                                        Hebron, ME 04238


 Please help MHA support a member                                                                                  

  continuing his/her education beyond high school.

There are several ways you can help support the MHA Scholarship Program:
    SUPPORT the Annual Banquet SILENT AUCTION. It's not too early to troll for auction donations. Save for friendly bidding wars!
    MAKE AN OUTRIGHT DONATION to the Scholarship Fund!

Plan NOW to support our youth!


    If, in the opinion of the Scholarship Committee, no applicant meets the standards as set, the scholarship funds will be held within the MHA Scholarship account until such applicant is found.